What is the difference between CBD, or "hemp" oil, and marijuana oil? Due, mainly, to the lack of regulations, there is a lot of confusion. Mostly because both products contain cannabinoids. In part, it is a problem of labeling and, in part, an environmental problem and language of uses. Mainly, it is a problem of regulations that have… Continue reading DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CBD OIL AND CANNABIS OIL


dosemociones is a non-profit association, from which we work with the advice to all those people suffering from diseases or diseases susceptible to be alleviated with the use of Cannabis Sativa  After two years coordinating the Therapeutic Cabinet of MedPAC (Madrid Federation of Cannabis Associations), and given the need for an organization that could shape all… Continue reading CANNABIS – THERAPEUTIC USE

Alarm and controversy Cannabis online, a business that brings them

Just a few clicks through a smartphone to discover a world of marijuana sellers who post photos of their products, with the promise of ordering the best genre online. "It's like e-Bay, there are thousands of photos," excites a user who prefers to remain anonymous. Tallgrass has become the delight of local consumers but causes alarm among police and… Continue reading Alarm and controversy Cannabis online, a business that brings them

Hemp and marijuana are different

Although hemp and marijuana are members of the same species of Cannabis Sativa there are genetic and practical differences between them, which make them very different from each other. Hemp is grown outdoors around the world for use as food, oil, or fiber. It becomes high and resistant, also, genetically its levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are almost… Continue reading Hemp and marijuana are different