Dosemociones is a non-profit association, from which we work with the advice to all those people suffering from diseases or diseases susceptible to be alleviated with the use of Cannabis Sativa 

After two years coordinating the Therapeutic Cabinet of MedPAC (Madrid Federation of Cannabis Associations), and given the need for an organization that could shape all the questions, questions, even fears that we have or may have some therapeutic users, we created this association with the purpose of being able to inform, prevent risks and put users in contact.

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We are the first user platform of Cannabis Therapeutics of the Community of Madrid.

We have been training, we have worked for hand in hand with researchers, doctors, entities for prevention and risk reduction associated with consumption and cannabis associations, to help better understand the use, administration, and dosage of the plant. At present, we are more than 500 people who have joined our project. And little by little, we continue to work from the perspective of the patient to meet all requests for admission, and from the perspective of political change, for the regulation of medicinal cannabis, by the hand of the Spanish OBSERVATORY OF CANNABIS MEDICINAL.

Many people come to us knowing that khalifa kush could be beneficial for their pathology, disease, or disease, but they do not know how, or when, or how to consume it. Thanks to the advances of researchers, doctors, specialists in the plant, growers, companies in the sector and the work of some laboratories, we can use cannabis in the most effective and least harmful way possible, all under strict and rigorous medical supervision.

The vaporization, the different varieties according to the disease, the mixed-use of the two main cannabinoids (CBD and THC), the use of oils, creams, infusions … The importance of analytics, of the traceability of the product we use daily as medicine. All these doubts that the therapeutic users face daily are here resolved, for the welfare of the consumer.

The Medical Cabinet is one of the most critical issues when it comes to resolving doubts, as well as certifying the use by a doctor-health professional, along with its recommendations/contraindications and subsequent monitoring by our association for to be able to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect and balanced psychoactive effect, it is fundamental for us patients. 

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