When the first winds of legalization began to blow, there must have been a lot of publicity about the impact of state-run legal cannabis. Effective concerns such as the social and cultural impact of legal plants, its effects on the legal system, and the economy were expressed and taken into account when drafting specific bills. At the root of these concerns was, of course, (and is) child protection. cream soda strain

As the children’s toy/candy market develops rapidly to meet the demands of competition, there are a variety of devices and packaging systems designed to appeal to both children and parents. We’ve all been in situations where a child gets a packaged gift, just to ignore the actual gift in favor of that box coming box.

With this in mind, it is up to the cannabis industry professionals to create effective child-proof packaging regardless of the contents of the package (flowers, frequent, groceries, steam equipment, etc.). In our previous blog, we discussed new methods of packaging cannabis and now talk about the current and future packaging of cannabis for the prevention and care of children …

Violation of rules/regulations (CO)

In October, the state of Colorado unveiled a new rule aimed at making “Blackberry Kush safer for adults [and] less attractive to children.” Beginning October 1, all retail and medical cannabis packages must display the appropriate universal “THC” symbol on the front. Directly below the symbol, the statement “Keep marijuana out of the reach of children” should be visible.

Regarding retail (recreational) marijuana: Each edible serving must now be marked with a universal symbol, if it cannot be identified (in the case of powders) it must come in a single-serving child-proof container. If the package has multiple services, each should be marked with a universal symbol. For medical marijuana, every product mixed with edible marijuana must be marked with a universal symbol; Individual medical marijuana distributors may determine standard services; However, they must be stamped or marked. Sativa origin during the day

Perhaps one of the most important new rules is that a package may contain the words “candy” or “candy” until it appears in the brand. Adequate portion and content information must be displayed on all packages, must be clear and visible, and have no claim to physical or health benefits. cannabis-website-design-development

Kid-resistant hemp pack in 2019

If you walk to any office in the country, be it medical or leisure, you will definitely notice a plethora of products and packaging styles. With so much innovation in the states and abroad (including our neighbor in Canada), it is not surprising that we see so much variety. But are all of these packaging styles effective in doing the most critical part of your job, the safety of children? The only way to be sure is to follow trusted and proven brands.

Here at Point 3 Products, we pride ourselves on offering not only stylish and sustainable packaging solutions to the legal needs of cannabis/cannabis, but we are also pioneers in products that are industry compatible and protect children. Our team of specialists is constantly working to improve our products so that you always have the safest and most durable packaging on the market.

I’m looking forward to it

DMT Vape Pen Cartridges has pioneered regional innovation in many other related industries. From new, more efficient LED lighting to new organic farming techniques – it’s safe to say that alternative medicine isn’t the only advantage of legalization. Discovering children’s packaging designs for any industry is certainly huge, but it’s just the beginning. Going forward, it seems that the minds of industry professionals are progressive, optimistic, and interested in maintenance and social improvement. And, here at P3P, we are ready to lead!

Stay tuned to the P3P blog page for more relevant information on legal cannabis, packaging, and more!

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