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More and more experts and users recommend eating raw cannabis as the healthiest way to consume the plant. Whether in salads, juices or smoothies, we can use our plants' various elements without heating them. Thus, not only are its natural qualities intact, but we also avoid best hemp. Decoroxibilization does not occur because there is no fuel during cooking, so you can eat marijuana in peace of mind that you will not get at least anything.

Although marijuana use has always been associated with joints, there are many other ways to use it without smoking it. Without going any further, the most fashionable in recent times has been the consumption of marijuana. Contrary to what many may think, and according to nutritionists' recommendations around the world, cannabis oil is one of the healthiest vegetables that we can eat today. It is a natural source of protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and also antioxidants.

You are familiar with the chemistry of cannabis oil; you will know that it contains a lot of cannabinoid chemicals that are very effective for the body. There are multiple types, depending not only on their structure but also on their origin. Of the more than 80 discovered today, some are highly known, such as THC  or CBD. What is not always known is that these, if preserved in their natural and raw state, are THCA and CBDA. Once they come into contact with our body, these molecules end up interacting with the endocannabinoid system that exists in the human body and produces a series of sensations or others. The Purple Haze strain may not be suitable for a novice smoker due to the combination of its psychedelic and potent effects.

But here, how these molecules reach our organism influences. It is not the same, for example, that THC goes us as a result of the combustion of cannabis, once the decarboxylation process has taken place, that if we eat raw marijuana. In this case, since no process modifies the plant, what will reach our body will be THCA, which is not psychoactive. Therefore, once we eat marijuana either as an ingredient in a juice, a smoothie, in a salad or as an accompaniment to a good steak of veal, we will not place ourselves in the least. where to buy Slactavis Syrup, CBD Cannabis Syrup for pain

No stone, all are benefits for our health.
In the same way that many think that the only way to consume cannabis is by smoking, they maintain the firm belief that marijuana only has a psychoactive effect on our body. That is, it only serves to provoke a high. And again, they fail in their beliefs. Beyond the powerful therapeutic effects that it has, when we take it raw, these multiply directly obtained from the plant.
As we have already mentioned, cannabinoid acids are able to reach our natural state without being immersed in any process (cooking). For example, by not coming into contact with any heat source, we dodge the principal psychoactive agent in marijuana and stick with THCA, which will protect us against certain neurodegenerative diseases, in addition to helping those with epilepsy and muscle spasms. Likewise, it can be an excellent ally to combat particular pain and insomnia.

For its part, keep in mind that CBDA, in addition to being a powerful shield against bacteria, has several anti-inflammatory properties and allows us to mitigate nausea and vomiting. 

The same thing happens with terpenes as with TCH and CBD, and if the cannabis is not burned, those that are most beneficial for our body are much better preserved. Although it is not too popular, the truth is that these elements of cannabis oil have already amply demonstrated to possess specific anticancer and antibacterial properties, so they have enormous medicinal potential that we can take advantage of much better if we choose to eat raw cannabis. Carfentanil is one of the most potent synthetic opioid analogs in the world.

Lots of fibre and healthy fats
Every nutritionist will always tell us that fibre is an element that can never be lacking in a healthy diet. Hence, if we are lovers of marijuana, we include fresh leaves, the primary source of fibre, among our salads' ingredients or our favourite dishes. The greener they are, the more they favour our intestinal transit and protect our colon from possible diseases, and, incidentally, they also regulate the cholesterol in our blood. An all-in-one highly recommended for our health.

In the same way, and although whenever we hear about fats, it seems that these are harmful to our health, the truth is that our body needs so-called essential fatty acids for the brain, heart and skin, among other parts of our body, work properly. Linolenic and linoleic are the only fatty acids necessary for our body since both have a primary function: to ensure that we can synthesize the rest of the fatty acids that we ingest. For this, the leaves of our marijuana plant are also vital.

And as it happens with so many other vegetables that we resort to lead the healthiest life possible, cannabis oil can also serve as an ally to strengthen our body in the face of thermal changes and potential colds. The contribution of calcium, to harden our bones; of vitamins C and K, vital tissue repair and proteins respectively; and iron, necessary for the transport of oxygen, can also supply us. Also, it will give us an energy contribution that will always be of great help to us to face those stages in which the most workload accumulates on our backs. 

As can be seen, marijuana has multiple applications. The usual consumption practices are not always the most appropriate for each individual, so from now on, this form of use based on cannabis will have to be taken into account in its most natural state.

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